For culinary treats and und Tuscan specialities.
La Taverna is the heart of the villa.

The 6 „c“s: cola­zione-cafe­teria-cucina-cantina-camera crea­tiva.
All these words apply to the cosy, prac­ti­cal and indispensable central living area.
This is the place to chat over breakfast, to cook and take meals, to play games or dance,
to work or join in creative activities …

LA TAVERNA, the all-purpose room

This is a multi-purpose room where you can spend the whole day in comfort if you are not OUT and ABOUT, doing SPORT, lying by the POOL, lingering in the GARDEN, enjoying the shade under one of the LOGGIAS or having a siesta in your ROOM.

LA TAVERNA also serves as the kitchen for cookery courses, preparing pasta together, or as a conference room in addition to the seminar room in our CANTINA.

The generous facilities include a well equipped kitchen with an extra large induc­tion cooker, large refrigerators, ample kitchen utensils and crockery and a lovely stonewalled fireplace for romantic or, more to the point, cooler evenings –  you will find everything here that you need.


Relax and Enjoy

Right outside the tavern there is a series of loggias providing shady seating areas and a large sun terrace with room for everybody, no matter if it is a large group on holiday together or people participating in courses. There is a brick barbecue where you can enjoy cooking and a classical pizza oven for which the assis­tance of our star chef­ Andrea is necessary.

LA TAVERNA is also home to a laundry room (with washing machine and drier) and an extra shower and WC for use in the pool area.